My job multi-talented style director

Wendy Richard, style director
at Mégisserie Richard, (Leather) was featured in the latest Première Vision Paris promotional campaign.

Leather has an effect on everyone. It’s a living material, lending itself to interpretation. I joined the family tannery of my husband, Xavier Richard, in 2006. With my background in international sales and languages, my American culture through my father and my experience living in Japan, I first began working in sales, representations, shows…But in a small company – there are 40 of us – you quickly start being involved in everything. A leathergoods training program helped me better understand the product, the production, then the collections and the colours. I love this full aniline lambskin, an extraordinary material, with its special luxurious touch.

Our industry has changed a lot. We used to produce a lot of black, and brown, and a little bit of colour. Even though we remain specialised in classic articles, today our clients, the luxury brands, send us new colours almost every two months. You have to stay really motivated and enormously curious to continually evolve and reinvent leather. Nothing is ever certain. I love admiring the finished products in the stores. Those marvellous moments compensate for all the stressful times, even if they are quite rare, when the merchandise isn’t right. There’s a big amount of risk in every order, because the margin for interpretation in the order specifications can be quite large. And we never elaborate standard products.

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