My job director of production


Ahmet Ozturk, of the tanner Yesiller Deri, Première Vision Leather, and his three indispensable devices.

First you have to listen to people.
This seems key in order to successfully coordinate the sales services, the production processes, IS management, the stocks … My job is intrinsically linked to all the others. I am at the core of all the planning.
I have an engineering background, but for me, communications and relationships are the keys to success. Obviously this cannot be done only during office hours. This job is 24/7. Yes, the company is an integral part of my life. I remember waking up one night, at 2 am, with an idea, and having to run to the tannery to test it out!
But I have a secret: patience. That’s what let’s me take a step back, get a change of perspective in order to assess and evaluate events in a new way. And deal more calmly with changes in the business. Ten years ago, we produced 5 main colours. Today, we offer over 1,500 … That’s a big leap forward, right? Today, expectations are enormous. I remember a client who sent five experts to check on the final output of the colour ordered … just to make a few jackets. We have to stay the course and keep up, and the production manager is the one steering the ship.