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Federica Martini Masoni, head of the style department for the tannery Masoni Industria (Italy) (Leather)
, was featured in the latest Première Vision Paris promotional campaign.

I explore nuances…so that the creations of the tannery are seen and admired by others. From the colours of the leathers right through to the stands and sales tools, my job is to make it all attractive.

As a child, I liked to paint. Even though I studied economics, I never forgot my passion for art. In 1998, I put my artistic passion to work at the Masoni tannery.

In my view, the fundamental thing is to never lose one’s curiosity. Enjoy freedom in your work, but every so often be brave enough to look back. To build on rewarding relationships, and the on-going exchange of ideas with chemical and technical centres, and the larger trend bureaus. Don’t always give in to the siren call of modernity. I always design the stands by hand, I prefer watercolours to Pantone, and I communicate with my colleagues by phone rather than email…
Maybe that’s why I never stress out?

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