The result of a brand-new collaboration between Première Vision Leather and The Gobelins School of Images, the Metamorphosis exhibition, located at the entrance to Hall 3, is an artistic journey through the imagination and creativity of young student photographers.

Each one presents their own unique vision of leather as a material, woven around the idea of metamorphosis. From mythology to modernity, from man to animal, transformation has been their source of inspiration, under the artistic direction of Claude Vuillermet from Agence Polyphème and the Atelier Iconogène, which produced the scenography.


© Sarah Couturier

© Adeline Carrere

Artistic direction: Claude Vuillermet / Agence Polyphème
Scenography and direction: Atelier Iconogène
Coordination: Jérôme Jehel, Françoise Agnelot, Bénédicte Bailly, François Demay, Nathalie Dupuit et Olivier Mauffrey

Première Vision Leather Hall 3