Leather, an exceptional material

Inspiring, creative, innovative and increasingly eco-committed, here is a preview of some of the leathers you will discover at Première Vision Leather.

à utiliser RICHARD-min


The Richard Tannery, specialised in the bespoke production of premium dipped lamb leathers, will unveil its Perlato collection at this season’s show. A lamb leather with a pearlized shiny finish, creating a subtle iridescent effect, it is elegant and chic but also more resistant and will be ideal for your leather goods collections.

à utiliser Cuirs du Futur Magisco tejus Silver-min


Cutting-edge technology and a lightweight product from Cuirs du Futur, the global specialist in premium stretch leather.

Thanks to the use of latest-generation dyes, the company has produced a stretch dipped lamb leather that can be machine washed at 30°C without risk of the colour running. It has also recently created a varnished stretch lamb leather, while its latest fashion developments include many metallic finishes, in gold, platinum or charcoal grey, on smooth leather and suede.

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Curtidos Badia is in the process of developing 100% ecological articles, but in the meantime, the company has included the lifecycle parameter in its process in order to minimise the environmental impact of its products. By favouring the local sourcing of its hides, it facilitates traceability and can also verify the well-being of the animal.