Leather and Bag&Shoe selection for AW 20/21

The AW20-21 season is characterized by a desire for a profound change, to offer committed and attractive, protective and bewitching solutions.
A new completely harmonious synergy is emerging between eco-responsibility and technology. In leather, innovations in tanning and finishing without heavy metals offer new creative approaches and shake up benchmark references in terms of feel and perception.
Nature steps in as a reference in interpretations that are anything but naturalistic. It is artificial, dreamlike and mysterious. It flirts with digital realities and is tinged with the unusual.


New proposals for eco-responsible vegetable-based finishes are multiplying and plunge us into an artificial, futuristic and yet surprisingly carnal universe. Matt finishes are found on extra fine skins. Very subtly gummy, they take on high-tech polyamide accents. Glazed lacquers are runny to better reflect the natural grain of the skin. Shines are lively and undulating. Epidermal, wrinkled and cloqué reliefs are accentuated. The embossed effects of pleated micro-pleatings are rippling.
Stretch leathers assert themselves in eco-responsible versions and multiply fanciful and textured aspects.

Focus Bag&Shoe :
The sensuality of the materials is found in accessories with matt/gloss, opaque/translucent contrast effects.


Lightness is manifold, expressed both on extremely fine leathers and on materials with a puffy thickness. Dipped lambs and sanded leather grains are dense and airy, gaining a new contemporary springiness thanks to slightly dry, crispy or granulated finishings.
Lightness is accentuated by printed or perforated geometric micro patterns on the surface.
Calf leather and thick bases have a puffy look to preserve their curvature and round hands.
Firm, slightly spongy and bouncy materials are never rigid.
Nubucked leathers borrow their silky hand and moiré reflections from textile velvets.
Classic grains and hatchings also move into these modernised products. Broken down in full and intense shades, graphic micro-caviars, cork grains and Saffiano patterns gain in graphic emphasis.

Focus Bag&Shoe :
Accessories for leather goods and shoes accompany this trend with restrained, highly drawn components that combine rich, often matt colours and guilloché effects to shift into a sophisticated, almost technical, utilitarian universe.



Metallisation is attenuated, and covered in nocturnal reflections. Faux blacks are crossed with coloured flashes of light and lunar reflections, while a milky and sandy pearlescence sublimates pale tones. Oil-slick effects embrace the entire colourful prism, with the look of petroleum iridescence.
Gold and silvery metallics are subject to mistreatment, and their shine looks veiled by wear.
Precious surfaces seem to be eroded, oxidized. Patina effects are clearly visible. Matt waxes with a candle feel, pull up aspects on calf or crocodile, cloudy colours, slightly metallic stampings, lustrous effects with controlled irregularity all feature surprising contrasts.

Focus Bag&Shoe :
Reflective technical fabrics find their place in this story of dark shine. In accessories, mysterious gleams are revealed through intriguing shot looks.



Elements drawn from nature merge in a story of infinitely precious primitive ornaments.
Shrunk leathers and embossed or hollowed textures take on a hybrid look, somewhere between animal grains and bark. The work of hammered and repoussé metal inspires voluminous embossing, smocked products with textile applications, and slim laser cuts.

Focus Bag&Shoe :
In textiles for accessories and components for leather goods and footwear, there is a Baroque Viking inspiration, combining stylized Celtic decorations, wrought metal and exaggerated hammering.

Furs and skins play on imitations, multiplying patchwork assemblies and prints. Fur applications on textiles and skilful openwork effects lend a new lightness and mobility to these moving furs from fantasy animals.

Focus Bag&Shoe :
In a more graphic and digital version, animal-skin motifs are redrawn, simplified like geometric or cellular units. Python scales have a geometric rhythm. The scale becomes a pixel and the patterns are almost optical.