Hair-on kangaroo leather

Hair-on kangaroo can be dyed in a range of colours. Sample from Tess Dis Ticaret

Kangaroo never ceases to amaze us. Designers appreciate it for its fineness, lightness, strength and smooth finish and in recent seasons, kangaroo leather has become a fixture in the ready-to-wear and leather goods collections of the leading luxury labels. That is why specialist kangaroo tanners such as Tess Dis Ticaret in Turkey, an exhibitor at Première Vision Leather, are now also offering it in a hair-on version. “The hair is quite fine, soft and persistent”, says the owner of the tannery, Osman Baturay, which has been selling it for less than three years. We can compare it to baby calf, and indeed the price is quite similar, “it’s just 30% more expensive than lamb leather“, Mr Baturay explains.

Certain stylists, always on the lookout for new items, have started to work with it, seeing it as an original alternative to classic leathers for their clothing, footwear and bag collections. What is more, it can by dyed in a range of colours after bleaching and can be decorated with fashion prints, while its resistance remains excellent. But leaving the hair-on means that it cannot be thinned beyond 0.6mm, which means it cannot be pasted onto stretch fabrics. This is only a slight handicap and does not seem to have put off its fans, “of which there are more and more,” says the tanner. Its popularity is growing in leaps and bounds….


Hair-on kangaroo leather combines the shine of the hair with the lightness of the skin. Sample from Tess Dis Ticaret