Jaeger, the leather professional’s best friend

Pre-cut reinforcements for shoes and leathergoods

Where would shoes and leather accessories be without the reinforcements, straps, strips of elastic and laces like those produced by Jaeger for nearly a century? “We put our technical skills to the service of the fashion industry”, says Yolande Poupon, director of the French subsidiary, based in Alsace. Under an eyelet or a press fastener, inside a strap, the vamp or the toe cap of a shoe will be the thinnest possible reinforcement – generally made from high tenacity polyamide – without which the resistance of the shoes would not be the same and nor would they look so perfect. Sold ready to use, self-adhesive or heat-bonded, these discreet pieces of fabric are also easy to use. Jaeger also manufactures the elastic that is found in a number of places in a shoe to increase comfort: on the sides, under the tongue, to attach a buckle, on the edge of an upper or the inside of a boot. “These are very technical items,” Yolande Poupon explains, “They are subject to many mechanical constraints and must resist rubbing and transpiration.” An expertise which is unjustly overlooked and which deserves its moment under the spotlight at Cuir à Paris, where this little-known world leading company is present each season.



                                                                         Technical elastic for shoes with a waterproof membrane


Fake fur braid for children’s shoes                                                                                   Denim-style elastics for shoes