Incube – the forum of the leather innovations

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Always in search of improvements that will make leathers and skins even better adapted to our lifestyles and our desires, exhibitors are constantly surprising us. Discover innovative products on the Incube forum.

Practicality, a very contemporary concern, sees leather almost becoming a textile like all others: thick but soft, it can be machine-washed, is colour-fast, stays supple and can be ironed liked knitwear.

Research has also been focused on cross-cutting techniques, products and processes: specific finishes on leather are used to increase resistance and refine the visual aspect of textiles, while textile dyes are used to bring colour to leathers, and thick skins become softer thanks to products used in unusual ways.

Ecological concerns remain in the forefront of daily life and processes are showing improved performances in all areas: vegetable tanning is now being generalised to all species (mammals and fish), natural products, treatments that keep water use and water pollution to a minimum, reforestation, short supply chains to facilitate traceability – every effort is being taken to ensure or aspire to a better world.

Waste material from the fish and meat industry, is now being upcycled rather than discarded and new leathers are appearing: sea bass, salmon, Karung, camel…

Pairings are also giving rise to new hybrid ‘species’: eel leather is combined with shearling lamb and surprises us with uses that until now had been impossible because of its fragility, skate is teaming up with snakeskin…

And aesthetics are not forgotten with the return of hand finishes that allow products to be customized, but still using an industrial manufacturing process. Finishes are very much top-of-the-range, going as far as to include gold leaf…