IFM exhibition

Première Vision Leather has been providing support to the designers of the “Design Postgraduate Program” from the French Fashion Institute, IFM, since 2001.

During this postgraduate program, which is entirely professionally-based, these young and newly-qualified designers each develop two leather accessories collections (bags, gloves, belts and small leather goods) including a collection for one of the programme’s partner labels, or a collection of clothing as well as a collection of shoes. Each collection is based on a strong creative proposition, an in-depth understanding of the technical constraints and the materials used, involves the preparation of a collection plan, pre-prototypes and technical datasheets, and is supervised by a tutor company during the production of the final prototypes.

Year on year, the partnership with Première Vision Leather continues to facilitate contact between these young designers from around the world and experienced players from the leather sector, bringing expertise and innovation together.

For its forthcoming edition, Première Vision Leather is offering 18 designers from the class of 2015 the opportunity to present extracts of their bag, clothing and footwear collections, produced by manufacturers and prestigious luxury French and international houses, with the materials provided, often at no cost, by a number of tanneries, the majority of which are also present at the show.  


Alexander Asvarischtsch – Marion Doreau – Lilach Eliyahu – Anne Kluytenaar – Alice Rio-Derrey –So Ryul (Soy) Ryu  –  Seok Hee Seo – Josh Stevens – Jean-René Wyss – Sasha Andelkovic – Soleyanne Baland – Flavia Collatina  – Katherine Generalao – Pinpanee Israngkun Na Ayudhaya – Floor Kolen  – Alexandra Meynier – Laïs Nascimento Oliveira – Vanessa Rodriguez Rocha 

Thanks To:  Abip By Russo Di Casandrino – Atelier Cuir Et Mode – Ballin – Beruti – Bodin Joyeux – Bonaudo – Carvil  – Chanel – Del Brenta Tacchificio –Delvaux – De Toutes Les Matieres – Gruppo Dani Leather – Heathcoat Fabrics Limited – Heyraud – Italian Converter –  J.M. Weston – Qela –  Laboratorio Del Gusto – Lancel – Louis Vuitton – Ets  Plastireal – Pollux / La Couture Du Cuir –  Saga Furs – Sixth June  A.Testoni – Terzakou



Design by Marion Doreau © IFM designer 2015
Shirt/ prototype made by Pollux – La Couture du Cuir / leather Gruppo Dani / interlining Freudenberg / print screen Daniel Henry / print Grain de couleur
Photography by Nathalie Weiss


Design by Pinpanee Israngkun Na Ayudhaya © IFM designer 2015
Bag/ prototype made by De Toutes Les Matières/ leather Abip by Russo di Casandrino & Bodin Joyeux / Zip YKK
Photography by Nathalie Weiss


Design by Soleyanne Baland © IFM designer 2015
Bag / prototype made by Laboratorio del gusto / Fabric Heathcoat Fabrics limited / zip YKK
Photography by Nathalie Weiss


Design by Vanessa Rodriguez Rocha © IFM designer 2015 
Bag / prototype made by Laboratorio del Gusto / leather Gruppo Dani / fur Terzakou 
Photography by Nathalie Weiss