Gündüz Kürk, shearling in all its formats

Lacon lamb shearling

In winter, shearling has become a must to such an extent that it is being imitated by synthetics and is even outstripping fur. Thanks to specialists like Gündüz Kürk, this article has taken on a more sophisticated image, becoming increasingly supple, lighter and softer. Located in Corlu in the north west of Turkey, this family tannery founded in 1997 has made lambskin its main product, supplying major labels throughout the world. More than 70% of the company’s activity is dedicated to the production of a multitude of references mainly destined for the clothing industry. “The difficulty in our sector is finding ways to innovate whilst maintaining the references that are already in the catalogue,” explains the young director, Serdar Gündüz. As a result of the diversified sourcing, with products coming from Spain, Italy, Great Britain, Australia, Greece and France, the company can vary the species it uses and expand the range of results. Therefore, articles made from the Toscana race have a longer, stiffer hair, whilst the Entrefino or Rassado produce a shorter and thicker hair. On the Tigrado, wool is naturally long and curly, whilst on the Lacon it is shorter and softer. But in the last four years, the company has gone even further by starting production of baby calf shearling that is very much in demand for footwear and leathergoods. “The hair is silkier than on older calfskin and the leather is finer” Serdar Gündüz tells us. And then, showing his pride in his work, he adds: “Shearling is doubly difficult!”

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Toscana lamb shearling