The flavours of the season by Yannick Flageul

The head leathergoods designer at christian Louboutin shares the countless inspirations that feed his abundant creativity.


I am fascinated by the territorial disputes over what is real
and fake, natural and artificial. These gold and silver gems
by Pianeta Gemme (Accessories, 4F06), look straight out of a grotto, but they could very well have been fabricated.
Accessories, Display Forum, HALL 4


I am a huge fan of this green burntout leather by Dolmen (Leather, 3G112), with its play between the artificial colour effect and the metallisation, which magnifies the natural imperfections of the material. Their dyed python skins are sublime too.
Leather, Trends Gallery & Film, HALL 3


A metallised fur with the handle of an animal-skin seems a utopia. I am really attracted to and amazed by this fur by Accessory Fur (Leather, 3C12), which manages to shine while having a natural handle.
Leather, Trends Gallery & Film, HALL 3


This monumental jewel by Crisden Belts Buttons & Bijoux (Accessories, 4D03) would make a great handle for a bag. I love its look, it’s both constructivist and ethnic. I also like the play on primary colours and shapes combined with contrasting handles and materials. Accessories,
Jewel Focus, HALL 4