EWT tanning innovation

The company Lider who is in the sector since 1978, and open to new technology, as in the past cares deeply customers’ needs, welfare of humankind also impaired effects of our production activity. Therefore Lider have implemented a new tanning process which is environment-friendly. This No Chrome technology creates sustainable, viable and versatile production process.

Please see some significant outcomes of our state of the art EWT tanning innovation:


  • Tightened grain,
  • Whitish appearence,
  • Less visible flat wrinkles,
  • Excellent grain flatness,
  • Highlight, and heat resistance,
  • White color is possible,
  • Less vein marks,
  • No phenol, nor heavy metal ingredient,
  • No aldehyde, or formaldehyde chemicals,
  • No negative or allergic reaction on human skin.