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Soles, heels, welts, laces, eyelets, zips, hook and eye fasteners, leathers, exotic leathers, textiles for accessories and even packaging – every component involved in the production of shoes can be found at Première Vision Accessories and Première Vision Leather.

A unique, creative and global product offer


Premiere vision accessories/ Hall 4
More than 80 international specialists in technical components, accessories and packaging for footwear.

Including: L’Accessoire Choletais, Bolflex, Castell, Ceitex, EM Company, For Ever, La société Choletaise de Fabrication,  Leta, Moda Italiana, Prym Fashion, R79, Reltex, Riri, Sermen, Suolificio Gloria, Tacchificio di Molinella, Tacones Gamar, Valfiemme, Vibram, YKK…

Tacchificio di Molinella                      La Sté choletaise de Fabrication


Premiere vision leather/ Hall 3

More than 100 tanners and manufacturers of textiles for accessories offering collections especially for shoes.

Including: Abip by Russo di Cassandrino, Atlantic leather – Lodskinn, Bodin Joyeux, Centrorettili, Conceria Incas, Curtidos Badia, Curtumes Rusan, Dani, France Croco, Ilcea, Italven Pelli, Limonta, Mégisserie Rousseau, Novalpina, Rives 1862, Tannerie Annonay, Tannerie Rémy Carriat, Topcroc…

 2 tannerie Annonay - veau box   Italven Pelli
Tannerie Annonay                                   Italven Pelli

Specialised fashion information

Première Vision Accessories in Hall 4 plays host to the Shoe Focus forum, entirely dedicated to footwear trends. A cross-cutting forum showcasing accessories, technical components, leathers and textiles for accessories.

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speed up
For this SS 17 season, the forum will be designed around the theme of Speed Up, a season typified by urgent relaxation, facetious comfort and mobile elegance.

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