Ensad x Première Vision Leather accessory contest

ENSAD, the elite French school of the decorative arts, is taking part in PREMIERE VISION LEATHER for the first time and to mark this event it is launching the “Ensad Leather Accessory Prize 2015” for leather goods, bags and shoes.

Chaired by a prestigious jury including Isaac Reina, Bruno Frisoni, Jean Jacques Picart and Olivier Saillard, the prize will reward the best collection of accessories produced by ENSAD’s most recent graduates in clothing and accessories design. 

Their accessories designs – of leather goods, bags and shoes – will be exhibited during the show to highlight the remarkable talent of a new generation of designers, and their skilful blend of traditional expertise and innovation. The “people’s choice” prize will be given to the design that has garnered the most success from the expert attendees at the show. 
Voting is already open on our Facebook fan page and will remain open until Tuesday 10th February at 1pm.