Dipped lambskin: total immersion in colour

This is one of the finest leathers. As natural as possible, incomparably soft and supple, it is also eminently colourable. Preferably it should be dyed in drums made from exotic woods “to enhance the finesse of its grain”, explains an expert from Bodin Joyeux, “for nearly 12 hours” adds Jean-Charles Duchêne of the Alric tannery. Dipped leather can be coloured in a number of shades, and the colouring is deep in order to be long-lasting. However, sometimes a top coat is sprayed on “to intensify the colour,” a specialist from Egedamla Leather tells us. Ideal for clothing or for footwear and leather goods, it has also proven its worth in glove making, as the English tannery Pittards shows, dedicating 80% of its production for this purpose. A great classic that continues to delight us.


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