Artisanal touch

By combining industrial rigour and artisanal refinement, tanners give their articles a typically luxurious dimension. Bonaudo gently rubs its deerskin articles with an alcohol-imbibed sponge to remove the green laminate and reveal the dyed black background. The tips of the Toscana lamb fur by San Lorenzo are hand-sprayed to imitate fox fur. Conceria Gaiera Giovanni evokes crocodile leather by embroidering a suede lamb leather with small pieces of leather laser cut-out to resemble scales. “We have worked on a technique using a stamp which gives a natural look to the skin and hides its defects,” explains our contact at the Italian calf leather tannery, Conceria Superior. To obtain a patina on its khaki alligator, Italven applies a second darker colour to the surface and then blends it by hand using a cloth imbibed in alcohol. “This gives depth to the skin, like a 3D effect,” the manager tells us. Reptilis offers articles in python leather where each scale has been hand-painted with breathtaking precision. 

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