A waterproof leather

Ficheiro Carvalhos IMAGE A LA UNE
The HydrOak leather from the Portuguese tanner Carvalhos is a wet-white tanned waterproofed leather (not only repellent), this leather withstands up to 2 hours immersed in water. Today it’s fairly easy to waterproof chrome tanned leathers, as the chrome itself aids in the linking of the various agents of the waterproofing process to the leather fibres. However in wet-white tanning, it is not easy once the synthetic agents used to substitute the chrome in the tanning process, did not react in the same manner, so their research was based on achieving a combination of products (within the chrome free / metal free scope) that would result in the same way to link and maintain the waterproof agents with the hide’s fibre and keep it stabilized from start to finish. Above all it’s a combination of a variety of products that once mixed in the tanning drums react in a favourable way by linking themselves to the hide’s fibre and creating a barrier against water.