From hybrid leather to craft hybridization

This session of Première Vision Leather will prove once again to be a treasure trove of ideas for the creators of leather goods, and handbags in particular.  A keynote will be the round table on “Leather Hybridizations” that will bring together professionals from many leading luxury houses and outdoor labels ready to share their expertise. Organised by the Compagnons du Devoir, on 11 February at 3.30pm in the VIP Lounge, the event promises to include some surprising discoveries. Leather clearly has more than one trick up its sleeve.


Grégoire Talon – Designer / Manager of the “Innover Ensemble” (Innovate Together) project for the Compagnons du Devoir guild


Chantal Hamaid – Editor-in-Chief of Intramuros

François Azambourg – Designer / Project Director at ENSCI

Sylvain Honoré  ‑ Member of the guild of bootmakers / Director of J.M. WESTON, bootmakers.

Clément Parel – Member of the guild of saddlers – Designer for Merci, formerly with Décathlon

Etienne Buffard  – Member of the guild of saddlers, Director of the Institut des Matériaux Souples / Compagnons du Devoir guild

Vincent Delepierre – Specialist in innovation and processes

Bénedicte Vermerie – Director of Fashion Forecasting and Sector Promotion for CTC

Thomas Guinet – Director of the Compagnons du Devoir guid for the Greater Paris region, champion of the “Pole d’Excellence des Matériaux Souples”