Wearable Lab, episode 3: The ONE conference to tell you all you need about Fashiontech !

Within the Wearable Lab, launched by Première Vision Paris in February, a conference on the theme, “Fashiontech, future scene or utopia?”: A dynamic and transversal event to further understanding of the issues at stake in the new Fashion & Technology territory. 5 experts on the subject reflect on the brakes and drivers behind this market, in order to jointly anticipate and imagine its future, with 5 different visions:

Use oriented Vision : Pascal Denizart Centre Européen des Textiles Innovants CETI
Design oriented Vision : Anouk Wipprecht, Designer
Engineer oriented Vision : Christine Browaeys, T3nel
Futur oriented Vision  : Nelly Rodi, R3ilab, réseau innovation matérielle pour l’industrie
Industry oriented Vision  :  Hilary McGuinness, Intel

Event presented by Noémie Balmat, Clausette.cc
Wednesday 8 February at 3:30 pm
Hall 5 – Room 501.
In English.
Limited seats.