Viewpoints: Graceful Drape and Lightness

Openwork decoration and feather weight protection, graceful drape and lightness : exhibitors breathe new air into their creations.

“We have developed an innovative and multifuction yarn: hollow fibre. The hollowed centre makes it lighter than conventional yarns and it also
displays excellent thermoregulatory properties. By letting air through, it maintains the temperature of the body, absorbs moisture, transfers heat and perspiration. It is an excellent starting point to create technical fabrics.”

Deniz Avcioglu, Polyteks Tekstil, Yarns


“When I draw I often try to make my compositions airy, thinking ahead to the pattern making and future cuts of my clients. The reason is that perhaps 3 or 4 garments will be created using only one of our designs. The matter of size also plays a role when it comes to isolating motifs or letting grounds breathe.”

Richard Capstick, Richard Capstick Print and Embroidery, Designs


“We have always played around with openwork and obstruction. For summer 17, our themes of freshness and gardens lead us even more into these  playful full and hollow areas, bringing together contrasts : bourdon stitches affixed mechanically directly on the lace, Cornely techniques on Chantilly lace, yarns obstructing a fishnet like tulle. These new contrasts between opacity and transparency have a definitely three-dimensional effect, whether in lace bonded to silk crepe, adorned with cotton yarns, or decorated with hand-placed sequins.””

Maud Lescroart, Sophie Hallette, Fabrics


“You know our ultra lightweight double nylon in 79 grams per m2 ? Water repellent, windproof and thermal, it has multiple technical properties. Playing on this idea of woven – not heat-sealed – layers – and letting air in between them, we have just created a unique fabric: a triple layer polyester with considerable thermal properties, perfect for the outdoors in general and sleeping bags in particular.”

Tony Wang, Toray Sakai, Fabrics


“We are capable of working both leather ad stretch knit. By laser-cut outs for net effects for example, on thicknesses and with ultrafine motifs. For 15 years, we have been openworking leathers and some fabrics as well, with an ever increasing graphic fineness in our developments.”

Greta Calvetti, Melissa, Accessories


“Lightness is critical… For several years now we have been offering cut-outs that aerate our suede leathers to address the needs of the ready-to-wear market.”

Paolo Santarelli, Marinelli Walter, Leather