Urban-style technologies


Première Vision Paris powers up its Tech offer with a Tech Focus forum (Hall 6), a showpiece of technological innovation across the entire fashion industry from manufacturing to accessories. Exhibitors are right in step, perfectly interpreting the new demands of an urban lifestyle where bridges between ready-to-wear, fashion designs and sportswear are becoming ever more important. In their search for new synergies between style and technology, companies aren’t hesitating to pool their know-hows, as seen in the new collaboration between Italian weaver Barzaghi HTR 1926 (Fabrics) and Dreamlux, the specialists in luminous, fibre-optical fabrics. The textiles decorated with the luminescent embroidery resulting from their collaboration cover the entire range of styles and materials, from classic velvet to contemporary nylon and futuristic Tyvek®.

The Tech zone is also strengthened by the arrival of five new Asian exhibitors at the forefront of technological innovation in textiles: the Taiwanese Kingwhale Corporation (Fabrics) has a varied offer of plain and fancy polar and thermal fleece, for sports and urban fashions, while surprisingly fancy and colourful fabrics from South Korea’s YGM Technology (Fabrics) have a reflectivity coefficient that can be adjusted at will. Paka Intertex (Fabrics), Songitex (Fabrics) and Koojoo (Fabrics) – also from South Korea – offer a wide range of waterproof, synthetic or natural products, plain or fancy, to meet all the needs of performant outdoor-wear and citywear, for comfort with a high-technological added- value. So many windows opening onto the fashions of tomorrow.