Upper Jeanswear Exhibition by Ecole Duperré


Ecole Duperré (Claire Premet,  Jeanne Friot, Dylan Fluzin)
Showa, Dorlet

Experiments in Blue

Starting from an indigo chosen for its structural and fibre qualities, students in the fashion textile design department at the École Duperré experimented and engaged in a forward-looking project for textile finishings.

The indigo fabric was provided by the Japanese weaver Showa, creator of innovative and traditional denim, yarn-dyed and double-gauze textiles. The fabric’s particular composition mixes a cotton with a wool. Two specific Showa textiles thus formed the basis of this development: a 3/1 right hand twill in 13.5 oz., skein-dyed denim, with a shiny face typical of wool, and a back with a cottony handle. The second fabric is a decontextured 8-oz. crêpe with a soft, felted aspect and a light foaminess.

The project proposes surface treatments infused with various approaches, including patches, washes, engraved decoration and fringes evoking indigo coats of fur. These textile developments etch out the early beginnings of overcoats, which tend to define an adventurous and experimental wardrobe, where manipulations are not just placed on, but constitutive of, the coat itself.

Accessories from Dorlet, a French manufacturer of metal articles, mixing denim and RTW influences in their shapes and finishes, feature precious lacquered, ceramic and porcelain aspects. Combined with the overcoats they go beyond their primary functions and become true ornamental and constituent elements of the pieces, positioned as jewellery and featuring clever plays on hide-and-seek and faces/backs.

The project is a collaboration between students from the École DUPERRÉ aided by their professor Mathieu Buard, using fabrics from SHOWA  and metallic accessories from DORLET .

Uppen Jeanswear Exhibition – Hall 6



Ecole Duperré (Marie Linder,  Jeanne Friot, Dylan Fluzin, Claire Premet)
Showa, Dorlet