EXPERIENCE PV: TIMÉE, an immersive audio-visual experience



Around 360BC, Plato wrote his dialogue Timaeus (Timée), in which he imagined the universe as a geocentric system, including a concept called Music of the Spheres where the distance between each planet is the equivalent of a musical interval, and comprises a perfect musical score. This harmonious representation has long influenced astronomy and continues to inspire artists and scientists today. At the heart of Première Vision Fabrics, Guillaume Marmin (design and creation) and Philippe Gordiani (sound composition) present TIMÉE, an immersive audio-visual installation, inspired by the dialogue of Plato, created in collaboration with the Astrophysical Research Centre of Lyon and produced by French agency TETRO. Enter this experimental bubble where time seems to have stopped, and let your senses transport you.

About Guillaume Marmin
Guillaume Marmin creates audio-visual installations. Drawing on the visual arts, musical performance and the performance arts, Marmin’s art reinvents visual creation by working outside classic narrative forms and traditional stage media. Guillaume Marmin goes beyond the screen to experiment with other surface types. His immersive works and installations in public spaces provide an opportunity to work with architects, stage designers, musicians and lighting designers from across the world.

TIMÉE, a 12-minute audio-visual installation.

Première Vision Fabrics
Hall 5