The Wearable Lab

The Wearable Lab, an area dedicated to invention and forward-looking ideas

As new technologies have transformed our relationship to the world, to each other and to the environment, we have witnessed over the past fifteen years the emergence of a new creative and economic territory, which merges the spheres of fashion and technology.

This trend is fast growing, and still difficult to analyse and fully apprehend.

In order to take stock of and support the future of this new territory, Fashion Tech (the “enhanced” fashion of technologies), Première Vision is launching the Wearable Lab.





In February 2017, in Hall 5 North (aisles F and G), the Wearable Lab brings together:

  • An exhibit of 10 inspiring, experimental works   featuring clothing and accessories – testifying to the  fast-moving developments in the Fashiontech scene over the past ten years: Sarah Angold (England), Ezra+Tuba (Turkey), Ying Gao (Canada), Nervous System (USA), Pierre Renaux (France),  Clara Daguin (France), Anouk Wipprecht (Netherlands).
  • A showroom of 4 start-ups dedicated to meetings and exchanging ideas. They will display their latest innovations and future goals, while proposing true future partnership to the professionals present:

Digitsole (France), Percko (France), Spinali Design (France), Teiimo (Germany).

5 experts on the subject reflect on the brakes and drivers behind this market, in order to jointly anticipate and imagine its future

Christine Browaeys (T3nel), Pascal Denizart (Ceti), Hilary McGuinness (Intel), Nelly Rodi (R3ilab), Anouk Wipprecht (Designer).

Event presented by Noémie Balmat (

Wednesday 8 February at 3:30 pm

Hall 5 – Room 501.

 Curator : AnneSophie Bérard

Project head: Julia Magnin

Display : Marion Thelma & Camille Pawlotsky

Production : Marty est une entreprise


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