The age of dryness

Giving a new plant-fibre dimension to leathers, drying silks and fabrics, working sheepskins to make them as fine and brittle as paper: these are just some of the new strategies leather and weaving specialists are experimenting with to obtain the dry and dehydrated handles trending for next season. Italy’s Dinamo Contemporary Fabrics (Fabrics) treats textiles with high-temperature finishings or polymerized resin coatings to lend them a shiny appearance and an unmistakeably papery handle.  Inseta (Fabrics) is also convinced that dry handles and arid finishings will be leading leitmotifs for SS 2018. So at this “made in Italy” silk specialist, natural and plant fibres such as cotton, linen and ramie are subjected to multiple twists to impart a dried-out, wrinkle-free crepe look. And salt can’t help being a star of natural finishings designed to create crepe effects and dry handles. With their striped patterns and fancy weaves, the resulting fabrics all have the sharp taste of a sunny  afternoon in the salty Mediterranean waters.

KWAY, the ultra-thin leather (0.2 mm maximum) bonded with silk invented by Rial (Leather), caught this trend to papery handles nearly two years ago. At this traditional Italian tannery, the brittle, fine as cigarette-paper leathers are always a sure bet. But now their drummed and softened natural leathers are the ones knocking at the door of the latest fashion directions.