Tech focus S/S 19

A season where the essence of performance and functionality is straightforwardly asserted. Surfaces are perfectly discreet and smooth, texture is controlled and visuals are impeccable, without artifice or influence.
Lightness and ultra-finesse continue their race to perfection, combining eco-responsibility and refined colours.

Tech Focus selection



Ultra-neat visuals

Perfectly uniform colours reflect the codes of tailored elegance. For parkas, blousons and jackets, multilayer fabrics offer stunningly chic visuals, with plains on the exterior and decorations and checks on the interior.

A need for authenticity

A revitalisation of the performant cotton offer flourishes this season in 100% versions or polyamide blends: an explosion of protective multilayer techniques: supple, waterproof, breathable and windproof.

A real evolution in lightened waxed fabrics with non-greasy handles, rubber with natural aspects and oiled textiles enlivened by men’s style geometries.

A need for visibility

Reflectives in more sophisticated colours, with deep light-reflecting darks that are discreet by day and illuminate with reflections at night.

More citified

Outdoors and active sports come together:

– with real technical and high-quality performance, where windproof, waterproof and breathable qualities are layered together in superfine, stretch and ultra-light products.

– with efficiency and discretion in functional wear, where high-resistance products are sought with studied finishings and softened and refined handles.



Airy and lively lightness

Delicate tracing-paper effects, a sensual semi-transparency for extremely fine dusters, in naive and acidic colours, and performant, featherweight windbreakers.

A breath of freshness

Synthetics with protective lightness are crinkled with shivering surfaces, with poorly ironed finishings, or structured with micro embossings and tiny seersuckers.

A story of shine

Evoking plastic surfaces or car bodies, a bold, fully assumed shine for dapper and fun raincoats.



The search for performance and comfort strives for superlatives: more fineness in tee-shirts, more softness in handles and aspects, and more monochrome fantasy for maximum ease.

Bi-stretch evolves, becoming less sheathing, enrobing without compressing, and accompanying movement rather than sculpting the body.



Graphic and fast-dry swimsuits with just the right dose of elasticity position the spring summer 19 season on a high level: knits and wovens with fresh fantasies and energetic handles are all chlorine and UV resistant.