Sustainable associations

Founded in 1979, Prato Trade brings together 35 weavers from the Prato textile district for various promotional activities and joint undertakings.

In response to the growing interest in environmental matters on the part of both the market and the public, the latest efforts of the consortium’s partners have focused on developing sustainable and eco-responsible processes throughout the textile industry, whether to meet commitments in terms of reducing chemical substances as part of the Greenpeace Detox Commitment, subscribing to the MRSL (Manufacturing Restricted Substances List) prepared by the ZDHC Foundation (Zero-Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals) or developing ecological practices and full traceability in the selection and processing of regenerated wool. To all these activities – which often involve a major restructuring of the entire textile division of a company – the Prato Trade consortium ensures a shared visibility and identity: proudly local, naturally international and looking ahead to the future.