Style oxymoron

When nature meets artifice, elegance joins fantasy and volume flirts with lightness, artful contradictions see the light, incorporating delicate balances and cleverly orchestrated opposites. Double and bonded fabrics are naturally at the heart of this search for magically formulated contrasts, creating a dialogue between aesthetics and distant universes.







At French weaver Nuances, velvets in all the colours of autumn – from chestnut to burgundy – echo gingham linings, while faux 100% polyester shearlings are lined with imitation leather with discreetly aged appearance.


Similarly, Italy’s Lanificio Becagli turns to bondings to play on contrasts and contradictions, combining link-link knits in regenerated wool with technical linings in jersey and polyester with a shiny or matt aspect, in mélange or solid tones. And all of it can of course be enriched by membranes with multiple technical properties.


Tex Luis is not to be outdone either, with three-layer quilted and double fabrics that add punch to puffer jackets with openwork motifs in metallic mesh, in infinite colours and sizes, for effects ranging from geometric micro-motifs to swathes of pop tones. For this Italian company specializing in soft and voluminous winter fabrics, wrinkled and aged surfaces are sketching out a new trend, with waterproof puffers enhanced by motifs in needle-punched boiled wool.


Footwear is also focused on finding the right balance between extremes, as shown in the latest creations from Portugal’s Aplical for the heel-maker  Gamar. Inspired by the dynamic marine world, their new soles in laminated wood and rubber-like plastic contrast the fluorescent accents of plastic inserts and seams with the low-key appearance of laminated wood and natural leather.

A wealth of products that are at their core hybrid and subtly contradictory, for a single and unique elegance with many versatile faces.