Singular hybrids

Successful natural/artificial experiments, strange bi-material combinations, composites of flowers and animals. A play on doubles transposed onto a modified and enhanced plant-derived universe, with controlled and sensitive irregularities for this spring summer 19 season.


Double knits make perfect double faces. The fabrics at Lanificio Bacagli are geared towards chic sportswear. Always striving for innovation, the Italian company is betting on bi-textiles, combining two fabrics with distinct surfaces: a breathable interior that retains heat while reducing perspiration and a windproof and waterproof exterior with a very successful faux leather effect.


At Italy’s GDA contrasts and materials are explored with synthesized flowers embroidered on iridescent metallic fabrics. Silk blends and silks together with other precious fibres lend a radiant air to floral prints applied like stencils.


A hybrid sensitivity nestles into the smallest details, like the accessories and buttons from Italy’s Invoga. Delicious combinations, especially a two-tone combination teaming varnished pastel tones and natural olive wood. An ideal contrast for this spring-summer.


At South Korea’s SNT, innovation is about a search for increased naturalness. Enhanced skin and plant aspects are plentiful in this collection of very technical featherweight fabrics. Silk and wool blends that are perfect for quality, super-light men’s suits.

Naturals and artificials come together on coated, rubberized and laminated fabrics  at Lineasse from Italy. Bonded double-faces combines natural and polyester fibres, with a particular attention to finishes, patterns and the use of fancy yarns.