September 17 Smart Creation Square


In September 2016, Première Vision Paris for the first time created an actual physical space at the show – the Smart Creation Square – dedicated to the Smart Creation Première Vision program. The space is an annual event.


In September, the Smart Square, located in hall 3, continues to evolve, offering a space for exhibition and analysis with:

  • Information about Smart Creation:

To explain the values driving the concept, and help visitors better understand the Première Vision Paris exhibitors’ Smart Facts  – their strategic environmental and social commitments – while learning to use them in a tangible way.

  • A new space for Smart Square Services:

An area devoted to a selection of industry players specialized in sustainable development – certification bodies, associations, consultants, etc. These offer advice and solutions to exhibitors and visitors seeking to integrate more responsibility into their organizations, their manufacturing processes or their collections.

  • A cycle of Smart Talks dedicated to the circular economy (The specific program will be communicated at a further date.) What is the circular economy? What are its concerns and objectives? What role does technological innovation play? How does the circular economy play a leveraging role for new business models? Each day, a conference will bring together the field’s experts and professionals for thought-provoking discussions.

This will also provide an opportunity for Première Vision to present the results of its new survey of Première Vision Paris exhibitors to learn their Smart Facts: their responsible commitments and activities, from sourcing traceability to energy management and social protections.

Tuesday 19 September at 3:30 pm

Wednesday 20 September at 11:30 am

Thursday 21 September at 11:30 am

Smart Square

Hall 3 – Première Vision Leather

Conferences presented by Giusy Bettoni, President of C.L.A.S.S. and consultant for Première Vision on sustainable innovation and development for textiles, fashion and design.

  • A forward-looking Smart Library will present the most innovative developments in terms of responsible creation selected from the Autumn Winter 18/19 collections of 50 exhibiting companies: 10 Smart Creation ambassadors per activity sector chosen for their responsible commitments – Spinners, weavers, tanners, accessories makers, and manufacturers. Each product presented will be accompanied by explanatory technical information.
  • A Smart Wardrobe will showcase 10 finished products from established brands – clothing, bags, shoes – using materials from Première Vision Paris exhibitors and produced according to responsible sourcing and manufacturing processes.