The archives from Stefano Chiassai’s studio speak to the colossal work of research, coolhunting and trendsetting that he has been conducting for a long time. During some 40inno years of research and mad collecting across the world, the buying of exclusive vintage or unpublished articles in markets and specialized shops, he has created a unique collection of historical archives: “the daily bookshop Stefano Chiassai’», containing over 15,000 pieces, including clothing, accessories and fabrics.
One day, while entering his archive room, Stefano saw before him a disorderly chaos, fragments of his personal and professional past. Immediately a desire to «put order to his chaos» turned into a true creative direction, which has given birth to a cultural project intended to stir curiosity about the history, culture, tradition and technical innovation found in the world of fashion. These archives are a place for experimentation and crossing influences between the past, present and future. A lab focused on a search for content, in which the new paradigms of contemporary style are generated. In the looks thus created, the old, the contemporary and the new meet and strengthen each other, by giving birth to a timeless method of researching and designing.
We don’t date looks anymore, we don’t classify them, but we identify them through their content and message. The garment is not considered in its singularity, but is designed as part of a total look, to give value to a new timeless image and to make man the protagonist of this story and the messenger of a contemporary individuality. This IMAGINAIREREVEUR was more extensively developed in a book produced in collaboration with Corinna Chiassai, «CAOSORDINATO», published in 2016 by Nuova Libra Editrice (editor of the textile trends magazine Zoom on Fashion Trends). The concept has been staged in a series of itinerant and inspiring installations that showcase ‘work-in-progress’ men’s looks. An exhibition, «RITMOEMOTIVO», which will land at Première Vision Paris in September, makes reference to a second book published in June by Nuova Libra Editrice.