PrimaLoft® Bio™ – the first-ever synthetic, 100% recycled & biodegradable fibres

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PrimaLoft, a global leader in advanced material technology solutions, recently achieved a textile breakthrough by developing the first-ever 100% recycled, biodegradable* synthetic apparel insulation and performance fabric. The intention of PrimaLoft® Bio™ is to address the eventual end of life of a garment in an impactful way, while finding a solution for the industry-wide microplastics issue.

PrimaLoft® Bio™ fibers are made from 100% post-consumer recycled material and break down when exposed to specific environments – such as a landfill or the ocean. PrimaLoft has enhanced the fibers to be more attractive to the naturally-occurring microbes found in these environments so that they eat away at the fibers at a faster rate, returning the fabric or insulation to natural elements. The biodegradation process leaves behind 100% natural elements: water, methane, carbon dioxide and biomass (expired microorganisms, organic waste).

PrimaLoft® Bio™ insulation will only biodegrade when exposed to the microbes in landfills or ocean water. Thus, the insulation remains highly durable throughout its usable life cycle in a garment. As PrimaLoft is always committed to extending the life of garments through recycling, repurposing and reuse.

Having said this, the PrimaLoft® Bio™ fibers have proven capable of being chemically recycled. This process breaks down polyester to its basic components so that it can be rejuvenated into a new high-performance material, without compromising its original integrity. This means, that they are proven to be renewable for use in a circular economy. Circularity, or a circular economy, is an economic system aimed at minimizing waste and re-capturing usable resources to be utilized within the system. This eliminates the need to introduce new natural resources, creating a closed loop.

*86.1% biodegradation in 499 days under ASTM D5511 conditions; 57.4% biodegradation in 486 days under ASTM D6691 conditions.

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