Première Vision Paris focuses on insiders’ creativity


With each of its campaigns, Première Vision focuses on the talents who embody creativity.

Last September, Première Vision Paris paid tribute to young designers and fashion students.

For the upcoming Première Vision New York and Première Vision Istanbul shows, “locals” who represent their own creative culture will take center stage.

For its February 2016 edition, the show’s organizers wanted to turn the spotlight on the designers and creatives who work on the upstream side of the industry.

They are the weavers, tanners, furriers, accessory manufacturers, knitters and creative and textile design studios that dream up, invent and create the collections that bring the magic of fashion to life.

 They are the rarely seen and heard talents within the industry.
… And yet, as the tagline states: “Without them fashion would not be nearly as inspired.”


From left to right and bottom to top: Federica Martini Masoni, Style Office Chief – Masoni Industria Conciaria / Takao Ozaki, Creative Director – A-Girl’s / Jeremy Somers, Creative Director and Designer – Circleline / Rosa Pujol, Creative Manager – Gratacos, Riccardo Bruni, Textile Designer – Lyria / Wendy Richard, Style Manager – Mégisserie Richard