One tear and thousands of yarns

One tear and thousands of yarns: darquer embroiders “emotional territories” by artist rose-lynn fisher

Birth, marriage, mourning, eroticism – many of life’s moments are marked by tears, whether of joy or sorrow. “The Darquer message was so clear,” says Rose-Lynn Fisher, an artist whose photographs of microscopic tears were recently exhibited at Paris’s Palais de Tokyo. “The idea of transposing my photograph of a tear onto Calais lace seemed perfectly natural to me. Tears and lace go together with life’s most intimate occasions, both embodying a concept of the present moment and timelessness.” The unique lace produced by Darquer (Fabrics), which has prided itself since 1840 on hiring the best drawers and tulle makers, marks the start of an art collection for the lacemaker.

The French Federation of Lace and Embroideries has established a new label: Dentelle de Calais-Caudry®, a recognition for Leavers laces from the North of France.