News from the weavers

From Japan to the US, Turkey and Italy, 27 new exhibitors add to the richness of the Première Vision Fabrics offer. Their arrival confirms the international vocation and high-quality standards of Première Vision Paris, and attests to an on-going relationship of trust.

At Japan’s Fujimoto and Lily Lace, the ancestral traditions of silk and washi-paper infuse timeless creations with an astonishingly modern look. Specialising in the ancient art of silk since 1912, Fujimoto (Fabrics, 5K15) updates silky couture archetypes with a wide range of double-faced silk satins, and bondings pairing luxurious silks with wool or cotton jersey.

Lily Lace (Fabrics, 5N4 5P3) doesn’t limit itself to working Raschel lace – however finely and creatively. For over 40 years, this Japanese company has also specialised in lace made from tri-acetate or cotton and “washi” yarns, the same used for traditional Japanese paper, made from natural fibres and artisanally crafted for over 13 centuries.

Artisanal traditions are also central to the philosophy at Piece & Co. (Fabrics, 5H44). This US company focuses on ethically-produced articles and coordinates a network of over 5,000 artisans in 16 different countries, from Bolivia to Zambia, guaranteeing them a favoured access to global markets. The fabrics and scarves selected by this atypical company represent a journey across time and space, tracing the thread of traditional handcrafts across the world.

Adding to these three promising new arrivals is another positive confirmation of growing trust. Loyal to Première Vision Paris for many years, Turkish company Almodo (Fabrics, 6P20 6R21) rounds out its offer with a third stand offering a cosmopolitan, creative and stimulating collection of women’s prints for the mass-market.

And rounding out the news this season is the new collection from Cotonificio Albini for the women’s market: Albini Donna (Fabrics, 6G7). The fabric archives of Albini from the Fifties and Sixties – guarded carefully in the company – have inspired the design team of Albini, Donna to give life to a collection of modern and contemporary fabrics, having a strong retro charm.