My job Creative Director

Takao Ozaki, creative director of A-GIRLS, was featured in the latest Première Vision Paris promotional campaign


As do artisans. No one conveys the excellence of Japanese fabrics better than they do. I think of them when creating my collections. They’re the ones who, at their knitting machines, can give life to my ideas.

 My professional strength is that I am able to intervene in all the industrial creative processes: from yarnspinning to the knitting, dyeing and finishing of a fabric. Being part of these processes makes me capable, I think, of creating a collection that communicates to the world the hopes and dreams of this Japanese knitting community. Long ago, we produced a super light jersey, very innovative for its time, a cashmere blend that was quite firmly set, playing on twists and stratifications. This experience pushed the envelope and the role of the jersey in the textile sector. I’m still very proud of that achievement.

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