My job artisan wool-maker


I am a 7th generation wool miller The starting point for my work (and my day) is looking for raw materials. Having the sensibility to choose a good wool takes time and experience. It’s a skill transmitted from father to son, but I haven’t stopped learning. A favourite day happened 20 years ago, when someone from a large French fashion house arrived with the image in mind of a dated company dedicated to menswear. She stayed all day. The person was thrilled with our style office set up like a kitchen where everyone can try out their recipes. She must have changed her mind about us because they’ve been working with us since that day! You know, we are a small company; we all know each other very well. Some have known me since I was a student and spent my summers at the factory. And for newcomers, I’m like a big brother they go to for advice. When I’m there, I love to delve into our archives. They are the basis for our products developments that go in every direction. But don’t think I’m backward looking: I believe in the power of social media and web marketing. Proposing gorgeous samples isn’t enough. To sell a fabric, you have to first know how to tell its story.


Paolo Paoletti, of Paoletti dal 1795,
Première Vision Fabrics and his wooden yard stick, over 50 years old, which he has had with him from the start.