Metallic shine


With its metallic glints and shimmering reflections, shine in the upcoming AW 17-18 season will be a subtle alchemy of richness and sobriety, shadow and light.

A zip specialist for 40 years, Tai Hing Zipper (Première Vision Accessories) highlights the ambivalent nature of this quest for soft, translucent and metallic effects, the result of a delicate balance between futurism and nostalgia, richness and soberness.


Accoppiature Pisane (Première Vision Leather),from Italy confirms this trend, seeking a filtered gloss, achieved through washings, finishings, applications of thin laminates, embroideries and Lurex yarns to lend an aged appearance and introspective elegance to metallic, pearly and iridescent surfaces.


The same passion for contradiction also enlivens the latest proposals by Pozzi Electa (Première Vision Yarns): yarns in pure gold, silver or black metal from this Italian spinner are perfect for adding a glint of light and a hint of delicate opulence to the most classic Prince of Wales and houndstooth checks. For confidential shine.


French weaver Belinac (Première Vision Fabrics) is confident that the brightness trend will focus on dimmed metallic tones and subtly opalescent shades: a marked yet nuanced shine, undulating between deep matts and extravagant reflections, all-out luminosity and muted showy shine.


Pearly effects also make headlines at the Italian company  Astarte (Première Vision Accessories), where shells rendered velvety thanks to vegetal acids are cut, cracked, cut-away, or inlaid to pepper surfaces with contrast, alternating between shiny and matt effects, raw natural materials and sophisticated visual effects.