Kipas Textile: the materials’ innovation

Kipas Textile produces fabrics, denim and yarns and it is a dyeing and printing specialist. At the Upper Jeanswear area, the Turkish company Kipas will present an innovative collection of fabrics created using their own yarn production. The main news that Kipas will introduce include:

Tencel, Modal and Cupro: soft and luxury blends
– The Dualfix technology: super stretch with technology
Lavadyes, for a yarn dyed with casualook
Supima yarn: soft and clean upper Cotton
Emana with Cotton and blends for Skin care

casual influencesmarina designsprecious & drapes

Kipas main themes for the next collection will be:

Naturals in the City: Cotton and Tencel with linen blends or linen look
Casual Influences: weave 3d look with lycra and with pigment applications
Precious and Drapes: luxury soft Supima yarns for clean and silky touch enhanced by Tencel blends.
Marina Designs: white and blue, white and red, create a game of structures or stripes with the comfort of Lycra
R Lab: 5 pocket, stretch, super stretch with performance like Dualfix or Emana and also with special pigment application for a new look.

Kipas believes that the combination of Casual Cottons with innovative blends like Emana, Tencel, new look 3d structures, pigments and prints is the strength of this new collection.

Come and visit Kipas Textile, stand 6F29, Upper Jeanswear, Hall 6 Alley 6F

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