In step with fashion



(picture : Kemas)

Industry experts confirm: from casual-chic sneakers to low-boots with a military flair, the sporting and technical universe continues to revolutionize footwear style codes.

Shoes are thus called upon to be their own conveyors of style, even not afraid to shine at night, thanks to the phosphorescent leathers in vitamin-boosted tones by Kemas (Première Vision Leather).



At NT Majocchi (Première Vision Fabrics), military and work fabrics that are part of the company’s DNA are always more and more sought-after to make elegant shoes. With origins in the military world, strong and ultra-technical Cordura fabrics, nylon RipStop and wool/Cordura mixes are perfect for casual sneakers, which continue to impose their rule on urban looks. According to the Italian company, the trend for next season will be marked by tone-on-tone layers of colour and strong personality, with soles growing continually more important.

Italian-based  Tacchificio Pienne (Première Vision Accessories) confirms and elaborates this trend: a sole specialist since 1966, the company sees heels and shoes as much more than incidental components, but rather as creative elements in their own right. From classic shoes to baroque heels, elaborated with moulds, inset stones or figurative prints, the basic ingredients of next season will be personalisation and personality.



Italian company  Vignola (Première Vision Leather), is not to be outdone in this vein, with its range of leathers that are aged or oxidized by brushing, with gum-effect skins that are quite opaque and have a natural feel, perfect for low, supple boots enriched by discreetly metallic points of light.