Hybrid elegance, modern tradition

Since its founding in 1938, Italy’s Bartolini 1938 has steadily grown in the universe of fantasy women’s fabrics while continuously updating its creative offer of textiles, finishings and fabric motifs. This year, the weaver’s range of natural and synthetic fabrics is enriched with a new collection of 100% polyester fish-net fabrics whose rigid hand, rough visual effect and resolutely sporty look come in a variety of classic patterns and colours (houndstooths, Prince of Wales, and stripes in pale greens, reds and blues), for a striking contrast between modern and classic effects.

The same goes for the brand-new range of neon polyester fabrics, including a jacquard in which a fluorescent polyester yarn imparts a textured, deliberately capricious motif to two transparent, coupled voiles. Responding to the growing influence of sportswear on contemporary fashions, these innovative proposals don’t just introduce a technical look and feel, they also offer enhanced performance and finishings (water-resistance, pleats), for a 100% hybrid elegance.