Guided tour Edward CRUTCHLEY

The textile design consultant for the luxury industry and creative director of his own eponymous company shares his first discoveries at fabrics.

In linen, I found truly innovative proposals, to work it in a very contemporary way, especially the lightweight double-faces that really change our perception of natural fabrics. Outer & Over, Fabrics, Hall 6

This roundness really inspires me for next summer. I like the hold and slightly dry handle. Whether in a mohair suiting, a silky blend, or bonded, it plays on a certain masculine / feminine ambiguity, erasing the boundaries between summer and winter. I also like their colours. Here again there’s a duality between the deep and luminous tones and the rich and light tones. The Forum, Fabrics, Hall 6



 In performant fabrics, you can see how assemblies are evolving, with perfectly elaborated new products. The fancy mesh fabrics that are printed and bonded on the back are fresh and light. They’re a good way to inject some fantasy into a very clean and pared-down clothing item. Tech Focus, Fabrics , Hall 6

I love the idea of lightweight jackets. Unlined jackets leave open the possibility of working fabrics with a certain substance, that are almost heavy for a summer garment. These hidden finishing details are a way for me to judge a manufacturers’ expertise and capabilities. Manufacturing Forum, Hall 6