Forum Sport & Tech : Happy performance !

©Jonathan J.Castellon / Unsplash

From February 12 to 14, discover the latest trends in the sector for Spring Summer 2020 on the Sport & Tech forum, Hall 6, around the topic “Happy Performance” :

The sports universe is further enriched by new athletic pursuits closely in touch with nature, and continue to explore citywear by cultivating hybrid designs.

With technological advances in fabrics and cuts and an increasingly fashion-oriented approach, the sports world is embracing a happier, fresher aesthetic and a more euphoric experience.



It makes way for fun and new sensations to fully enjoy bodily connections, lose ourselves in the fulfilment of a goal, and boost our perception of the elements: soothing or stimulating water, caressing or invigorating air, physical contact with the earth, rocks or sand – what matters is the excitement of the
challenge, big or small!

©Adam Dachis @awkwardhuman / Unsplash

On the forum, find a selection of fabrics, materials and finished products for sport.

Prepare your visit by consulting the list of sport and performance specialists now and visit the Sport & Tech forum Hall 6!