Favourites from the jury of the 2014 PV Awards

Jieun Rhee, journalist, Elle Korea
“I love the handle of this 100% cashmere from the Ala Campolmi teams. They brushed a wool satin, then, with a laser, they sheared the hairs to create a pattern. The motif emerges in the light. It’s very subtle.”

Clare Johnston, head of the textiles program at the Royal College of Art
“I had to stop to look at this fabric from GdA. It’s a textile that combines two incredible aspects, both of which appeal to me. It’s a washed silk that is partly printed, and partly not degummed. The pattern’s theatrical aspect is heightened by the contrast between softness and dryness, between silky suppleness and rigidity.”

Yiqing Yin artistic director of Maison Yiqing Yin
“My favourite is a wool jacquard from Tessilgodi, a double fabric with cut and felted yarns. The fringes formed by the cut-yarns provide a glimpse of a lurex-scattered stripe. These random little gold bits are posed on a very raw, almost ‘destroy’ surface, and give a subtle shine. Like hand-laid gold leaf, the effect is quite artisanal and noble.”

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