Ecomood: Prato’s most eco-sustainable fabrics

Ecomood, a project launched by the Prato consortium, Pratotrade, to promote the most eco-sustainable fabrics of its member companies, ramped up its presence at Première Vision Paris with a dedicated booth.




A few words of Pratotrade President Maurizio Sarti about the project:

“Ecomood is not, and does not wish to become, an ecological label, and even less so a type of certification,” explained Maurizio Sarti. “Those activities are already ably performed by others. Ecomood is instead a project designed to promote the eco-sustainable profile of our members’ products, specifically those fabrics which the company itself sees as being significant in this field. We believe this meets an important need on the part of our members, because sustainable fabrics should not only be made, they should also be adequately presented, characterised and showcased to the customer. As a promotional organisation, we feel this is part of our role.”

“Prato has made a lot of progress in the field of textile eco-sustainability. Now we’re not just the historic region of wool re-use, but also – and above all –  the place in the world that best combines environmental respect and fashion trends. This is emphasised in our consortium’s publicity campaign. We need to develop this awareness among our customers and, perhaps, among ourselves as well. We have extraordinary resources and capabilities, which we need to promote effectively. Ecomood can play a leading role throughout this journey.”

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