Early taste of the season in New York : Shivering lines


A light breeze blows across the spring-summer 2019 season, unveiling some extremely delicate early creations in the course of the Première Vision New York selection process.
Both materials and decorations shiver and vibrate with lines that look finely scribbled.
A thousand little 3D patterns twirl and blur in the wind.

Others quiver, verge on randomness and enliven surfaces in a wholly subtle and refined manner.
Shaking off familiar codes, yarns oscillate while crêpes with contrasting twists subvert checks and create refined textures, like micro-shivers.
Embroideries traced out with gimp yarns are wavery, deflecting lines and clouding their precision.
Deliberately hesitant and fluctuating lines, fragilely sketched or penciled lines – everything promises the softness of a peaceful mood, the delicacy of the spirit of the season.