Dudu Bertholini for the Première Vision São-Paulo campaign

Première Vision is always walking towards the heart of fashion and to the center of creation. For the campaigns to come, the brand wanted to show how close it is to the actors that created the world. The goal is that each of the campaigns of the worldwide Première Vision events (New York, Istanbul, São-Paulo and Paris) may depict characters that incorporate their culture and creative requirements

The characters will be chosen at each site according to their high creative inspirations. With the motto “Fashion comes to life”.


“Everything that is done with love and personality inspires me” – Dudu Bertholini

Dudu Bertholini kicks off the Première Vision São-Paulo campaign, illustrating the image based on the key look of the show in its Latin edition.

“Première Vision, as the name implies, is where we will touch and feel the market innovations for the first time. As fashion is anthropological, we have the chance to understand the contemporary, technology, and people’s desires,” Dudu Bertholini says.

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Première Vision São-Paulo – 12-13 May 2015 – Expo Center Norte

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Produced by André Hidalgo (Director of Casa de Criadores), beauty by Jô Castro (from the agency Capa) and photography by Allyson Alanpot at Bob Wolfeson’s studio, the Brazilian version of the campaign was completed in the French agency Being.