Crystal clear

Delicate, pearly or iridescent reflections; points of light quietly bursting forth… next season promises to be full of low-key, discreet shine, where the dazzle’s in the detail. At AT + T (Accessories), plasticized and glittery effects have always been part of the company’s DNA: Verdurama, the newcomer at this Italian accessory manufacturer, breaks down these glossy effects across a range of plastic materials made from leftover vegetables – from tomatoes to leeks – for an iridescent luminosity that’s a perfect marriage of nature and artifice. For its part, Goutarel (Fabrics) enjoys thwarting fashionable effects – applying sequins to tulle and metallic finishes to colourful base fabrics are just two classics from this French weaver. This year, while shine is confirmed as one of the major fashion themes, it will be matt, with latex effects or powdered metallics underlining the elegance of jacquards in timeless couture motifs. Megisserie Lauret (Leather) confirms this trend in leathers too. Whether on neutral, glossy or pastel-coloured bases, pearly finishings and faded, aged or matt metallics garner the lion’s share of looks, for a very fine play on contrast between a lambskin ground and visual surface effects. Clear as crystal.