Classic with a twist

Classic or eccentric, understated or creative, elegant or casual? Why choose, if you can have both? Joseph H. Clissold reveals the secret to contemporary British style, a style embracing both respect for tradition and a witty take on traditional codes, good sense and a touch of zaniness.

  Large-worsted-checks1 Two-lurex-stripes1 Birdseye1

David Bowie and Paul Smith get it in every way: British elegance is about balancing opposites, a skilful alchemy of good sense and folly, respect for tradition and a modern twist on traditional codes. In the quest for a masculine look that is both classic and eccentric, discreet and eye-catching, Joseph H. Clissold is a hands-down reference. Since 1910, this textile factory has made elegance and humour the two key ingredients of a timeless yet go-everywhere British style: “Our fabrics inject a touch of surprise into vintage classics: a Lurex thread incorporated into a glen check or hounds-tooth is enough to brighten up a fabric and turn a classic model into a modern and casual jacket,” says designer Harriet Emily Eve Jones. Variations in scale and plays on yarns and weaves are the two main tools behind this trend: ultra-classic designs like bird’s eye weaves and Spots grow larger and take on colour without ever being gaudy, luxury wools are as visual as they are tactile, while a figurative touch inspired by traditional painted fabrics transforms a low-key suit into a fashion item. Elegantly casual.

You will find Joseph H.Clissold during the next Première Vision Fabrics, booth 6L23.

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